Bad Temper Joe's got it. Some people may call it blues, some may call it folk, country or americana. You can call it what you want but it's got heart and soul. He plays something you don't get that often. You may not get a 12 bar- ''woke up this morning''-type of song, although he can certainly do that when he wants to, but something that catches you from the first moment. There's something in his music that leads you into another world, something that makes you dream, something that makes you forget your troubles.

Joe mostly plays his blues guitar by laying it on his lap. And then there is his voice which beautifully comes in, so pure, so loud that you wish he'd never stop singing. One of those voices which cuddle you and at the same time are so full of energy. Juggling between sad and happy songs he makes the audience travel through different places in which blues is king. And when Joe starts to growl and moan and to torture the strings of his guitar you'll get hooked to his music, to the smokey, lonesome and painful groove of his guitar, the rusty sound of his voice and the bluesy lyrics of his songs.